The future of the Cars Technology is actually Digital

The future of the Cars Technology is actually Digital

Technologies are ever-so-increasing with every field in the present era pushing harder and striving to achieve what would be described as a memorable journey in the years to come. In fact, it is the automotive industry that is making giant strides in the field of technological advancements. Look around and you find older cars to be dying species among a race that is dominated by the future.

Presently, the market is driven by cars that possess a sound grip on autonomy and electrification and other tech-driven initiatives. It is the technological developments that drive the motor world and not anything else. The present generation of cars is no less than wires on wheels. With as many as about 150 programmable systems known as ECUs (electronic control units). These systems have a very large and heavy network of wires which makes for heavy network signalling and interconnections. Quite naturally, you will surely wonder how these cars run with such a lot of wires without many glitches.

And indeed, the future of cars, or in an extensive sense – car makers, are now largely based on the future securing technology that they adopt and little on the present scenario or financial condition of the company. In short, the present technological models for the industry is sprinting towards the software-focused approach.

As for example, the world has automobile brands that are not very successful around in the market but has made a giant stride in development. Tesla Inc. has been making headlines for quite some time now, all of it with meagre sales. Despite, this low sales numbers, the automaker has been making great developments in some of the incredible attempts to disrupt the law of automobile.

There are certain factors that the car industry is specifically working on and will be getting giant updates in the days to come. Let’s take a look at them.

Connectivity to be the driving factor

The cars, like the ones by Tesla Inc., are nothing less than computers on wheels, with a large number of computing programmes, software and innovations. They are moving forward towards a software and service-focused tendency. And as this happens, we are well set towards approaching a complete digital car. Connectivity has become one of the most sought after developments. Intel, Qualcomm and other companies have managed to make a big business in this automobile sector and will continue to pave the way towards a better and smarter tomorrow.

To be precise, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto have become one of the first features that we look for when buying a new car. But soon, this will be a mandate in every car around.

Also, most of the cars nowadays (even in India) are given a reverse parking camera or at least packing sensors. This further goes a long way into proving how sensors have been such an important development in the world of automotive.

Cloud-based connectivity

We realise how important it is for us to stay connected via powerful mediums. The Internet is everywhere around and so even our cars shouldn’t be missing out on any such attractions. Companies like Tech Mahindra have gone a long way into developing such technologies for cars. The connections in cars, along with their real time updates and information have been providing us with a sense of security and safety. There are real good numbers of services related to connectivity which touches the lives of car buyers on a large scale lately.

Digital is the next big thing in Automobile

Finally, it’s time for all of the sectors contributing to the automobile industry to figure out what the world actually needs. The high rising sales numbers are just figures to show the limited success of the company and not anything beyond. These numbers are not decisive but only a part of it.

Instead, a major portion of this sector is driven by technologies, which would be capable of self-sustaining them in the future and not die away in the present. What do we think about the cars that work tirelessly towards developing emission-less motors or the autonomous software? The addition of these non-ICEs may not make major differences in the present but are sure to be a major overhaul in the years to come.

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