Hybrids: Are They Still The Future Of Fuel Efficiency?

Hybrids: Are They Still The Future Of Fuel Efficiency?

Independence Day: Resurgence was released this year. If you suffered through it, you’d know it never reaches the heights of the original. Believe it or not, one of the main messages you can take away from the film is about fuel efficiency. I know what you’re thinking. What do aliens trying to conquer Earth have to do with fuel efficiency? It’s a throwaway line halfway through the film. One character says something like the new planes are powered by cold fusion. Cold fusion, if you don’t know, is a theoretical possibility of how to use nuclear power. Essentially, it’s nuclear energy with literally no carbon emissions. Scientists believe it is possible, but it is a term that has been missing in action for quite some time. Surprising, considering it was once believed to be the answer to our energy issues.

The Future Of Fuel Efficiency

Recently, the main buzzword surrounding car eco-efficiency has been hybrid. The hybrid engine, the latest hybrid supercar or the affordable hybrid can all be googled right now. You’ll find millions of results and most will be ads for cars that you can buy. But is the hybrid still the future of eco-efficiency?

Still The Greenest Car?


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Hybrids are one of the most fuel efficient types of cars that you can currently buy. The only other possibility is a fully electric powered car and the hydrogen powered car. Both of which, while cool and useful do have major issues to contend with. Therefore, technically, a hybrid is still the best fuel efficient car for the average earner. That said, you shouldn’t forget hybrids are not a zero emission solution. The whole point of the hybrid is that there is still a petrol engine. It is just smaller and therefore produces less CO2.

Plenty Of Support


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Almost every major car brand you can think of is dedicating a lot of their resources to designing and producing hybrid cars. That support isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That should tell you two things. First, companies such as Lexus and Mercedes still believe the hybrid is the answer right now. Or at the very least, think tech for fully electric cars isn’t quite advanced as it needs to be. Thus as of right now, Hybrid can still be seen as the solution.


Price is no longer an issue either and neither is performance. You can pick up a budget hybrid car that will take you from A to B with no trouble at all. You can browse through a selection of them from a company such as Inchcape Lexus.The same cannot be said for a fully electric car. If you want a fully electric car, and you need it last more than an hour, expect to be paying north of fifty thousand. For most people, that is too much to have to spend on a vehicle.

The Problem


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The problem of hybrid cars is twofold. While they are green to drive, they are not green to make. In fact, a lot of CO2 is produced creating hybrid cars. As well as this, even getting the electricity for these cars requires emissions. Therefore, hybrids could be seen as using a band-aid on a gaping wound. They are not going to solve the issue of high emissions. Though as of right now, they are still the best option.


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