How To Make Sure Your Next Used Car Buy Is A Good One

How To Make Sure Your Next Used Car Buy Is A Good One

Many people worry about buying used cars. There is a perception among motorists that buying a used car is akin to playing the lottery – i.e. you either end up with a good result or a bad one!

The chances of you buying a dodgy car are pretty slim these days. But if you are still worried about buying a secondhand car, there are some simple ways to put your mind at ease. Today’s blog post will focus on how you can ensure your next used car buy is a good one, not a bad one.

Buy from a reputable dealer

There are many ways to buy a used car these days. You can buy privately from individuals, and you can also head down to your local car auction. But one of the oldest and most-popular ways to buy a car is from a dealer.

Some people are under the impression that all car dealers will rip you off. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’ll admit that there can be one or two “bad apples” out there, but the majority of car dealers are legitimate and trustworthy.

Websites such as give you an insight into how good the dealerships are. That is useful if you are planning to visit a dealer that isn’t local to you. Word of mouth is also a great way of learning about which dealers in your area are reputable.

Become an expert

You will doubtless be thinking of buying a specific make and model of car. To make sure you get a good deal, you should become an expert on the car. Of course, no-one is expecting you to know how to rebuild one from scratch!

What you should do is learn about the problems you might face with that specific model. If some of them are expensive, you can use that knowledge to negotiate a lower price on the used car you want to buy.

Knowing a lot about the car you want to buy will help you to identify whether something is dodgy or not.

Do thorough background checks

Most used car buys are pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, there are a few that don’t go according to plan. Before you hand over your money for any used car, make sure you follow these top tips:

Hidden history – do a background check on the car to learn more about its history. HPI checks will flag up any problems like outstanding finance, or even if someone stole the car from its previous owner;

Mechanical check – you can pay for an independent report of the used car you want to buy. The report will cover key aspects of the car’s mechanical and electrical systems;

Mileage – it is illegal to sell a “clocked” car. Despite that fact, some unscrupulous sellers try to sell vehicles with false mileage.

Sign up to an owner’s forum

One way that you can gauge how good (or bad) a particular model can be is to sign up to an owner’s forum.  Forums allow owners to post up problems they are experiencing, so that other community members can help them out.

Do you have any other hints and tips you’d like to share with others? If so, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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