How to Find the Perfect Used Car For Your Teen

How to Find the Perfect Used Car For Your Teen

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The dreaded day has come: your teenager has a driving license. While they may be unable to pick up their own socks, they are now legally able to drive a car. The thought is a perishing one, to say the least. If you are concerned about what used cars are the safest for your precious bundle of joy, then look no further. There are some excellent used cars available on the market that are also safe to drive.

Smaller cars may be ideal for new drivers that are unsure about parking and other car dilemmas. Of course, practice makes perfect but as a starting point, it is ideal to make sure that your teen has a car that they feel comfortable driving. Many new drivers learn in small cars, so until they have built upon their confidence driving alone a little car is a safer option for them.

The safest, small cars that are perfect for new drivers are:

  • Honda Civic 4-door models
  • Kia Soul
  • Nissan Cube
  • Volkswagen Golf

You may be able to find these cars, amongst many others, at Thames Motor Group.

There are some practical considerations that you need to think about. This is particularly true when buying a car for your teenager.


Do not spend a great deal of money on a car for a new driver. They will be more prone to prangs and bumps as they develop their skills on the road. Spending a lot of money on a used car for a new driver is a little risky. Furthermore, they may want to buy their own car in the future once they have developed their confidence. This car will only last them for a few years.  With that in mind, you don’t want to spend a lot of money for something that is going to see little return on investment. Thinking about your budget is important. You don’t want to see yourself short of cash so that your teen has a car.

Where Will They Be Driving To?

Think about the practicalities of a car. Will they be using it for leisure purposes, or will it be a car that they use to get to college, university or work? Considering the practical elements of buying a car will ensure that they get the most from it. Low mileage and a smaller engine may be perfect for teens that will use their car for longer distances. This means that they get the best from their car, and it will last them a lot longer.

Making sure that the car is fuel efficient is an excellent way to save you, and your teen, money. If they learn anything from being a new driver, it will be how to save money and how to manage their money in a much more forceful way.


No one likes paying car tax. Finding a car that is low on emissions will not only save you money on petrol, but it will also save you money when it comes to taxing the vehicle. Considering how much tax will be should be a factor when buying a used car for your teenager.

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