Dangers of being careless on choosing car tyres

Dangers of being careless on choosing car tyres

There is often a lot of thought and research that goes into buying a car. But does a similar effort go into choosing and buying car tyres? Not really. At least, most everyone just goes with whatever is available and comes at an affordable price tag. So, just how seriously should you approach this purchase and what are the dangers of being careless on choosing car tyres is worth considering.

It is the rubber that runs every car and the best of cars are only as good as the tyres they run on. But the mindboggling range of brands and types out there can make it difficult to decide. To the layman, most look alike and that adds to the confusion.

So what are the dangers that lurk in the case of a tyre that is excessively cheap, not of an acceptable standard or specification? Here are a few pointers that should help you appreciate the case for choosing your car tyres with care:

Adhering to manufacturer recommended specifications

First off, there should not be any deviation in the tyre specifications laid down by manufacturers. Cars come in various models and each comes with a set requirement when it comes to the rubber it should run on. Regardless of the brand, it is critical that the tyres be as outlined by the car manufacturer. Upgrading to wider and bigger tyres can be a temptation but it could do more harm and almost no good.

Performance at high speeds

A good quality set of tyres could make all the difference in the ride and handling when the car is cruising along at high speeds. The grip that it has on the road and the responsiveness to the steering is not just confidence inspiring. It could even be the difference between an event free drive and a possible mishap.

Handling bad roads

Similarly, how a car performs on a bad stretch has a lot to do with the quality of rubber it rides on. The pressure that tyres have to endure on rough and uneven road is immense and standing up to such conditions can only be expected from reliable and proven brands and products.

Negotiating wet and slippery roads

Another potentially hazardous situation out there is when you are driving in the rains. When the road is wet and slippery, it becomes a real challenge for the car to hold on to the tar. To avoid skidding in the event of a sudden braking is even more of a task. This is where a good, solid tyre can mean the difference between safety and catastrophe.


Braking effectiveness

Despite having the best of braking technology, the most advanced of automobiles can only stop as well as the tyres they ride on. The grip that the tread can offer is always way better and reliable on a proven brand and a tested product.


Motoring can be as much of a hazard as it can be fun. One of the most crucial components of a car is the tyre. The dangers of being careless in choosing your tyres is very real and is best avoided by taking cognizance of the points listed above.

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