A Classic Way to Keep your Car Cool during Summer

A Classic Way to Keep your Car Cool during Summer

There is not a uniform climate or weather condition throughout the planet earth. Rather, various zones bear different types of hot,cold, mild, humid or temperate conditions depending upon their respective location on the globe. The car owners living in the hot areas of the world have to face a usual problem of their cars getting heated up if parked under the sun even for a few minutes. No doubt, during a long drive, the engine often gets heated and damaged due to the lack of water in the radiator, but this has nothing to do with the interior of the car. It causes extreme physical and mental torture when one has to drive a heated car and one even feels disgusted to have been born in a hot country. Obviously, there is no guaranteed way to keep the inner of a car quite cool if it has been parked under the sun, but there are certainly effective tips to minimize the hotness to the maximum possible level. Following are the tips which will help you do so quite appreciably.

Cover the windows:-

Try your level best to lower down the intensity of the sunshine to the maximum by covering your car’s windows with a sun-shade of some fine material. Such shade covers are easily available in the market and keep your car’s interior cooler by blocking the sun out .Shade covers in various colours and materials are not only very economical but also very much effective and attractive.

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Use Wet Beach Tovels :-

Wet beach towels can absorb and beat the heat to a great extent and, hence, can keep the interior of your car cooler. Throw or spread wet beach towels on your seats when you park your car under the sun. It can serve you very effectively if you intend to park your car under the sun even for 40 to 50 minutes. This is probably one of the cheapest solutions and can be used repeatedly.

Manage Some Air Ventilation :-

Cross ventilation through the slightly down windows can help a lot extract the heated air form the cabin.For this very purpose , at least two windows on the opposite sides must have to be kept down so that cross ventilation may take place and extract the heated air.If your car has a sun roof facility, you can also tilt it to permit some air to circulate. Avoidleaving the windows or the sun roof wide open because it can allow the rainfall in, if it chances, as well as may create some security risk.

Buy A Solar- Powered Fan:-

A very economical solar-powered fan can keep the interior of your car consistently cool just like the fan of your computer cabin. These solar- powered fans can extract the hot air for hours when paired with a cracked window. This fan is especially effective when you have to park your car under the sun for a longer period.

Wrap The Steering Wheel :-

Parking your car under the sun for long hours makes your steering wheel too hot to touch even though you have managed the ventilation quite wisely by rolling your windows down. Here, it will be quite sensible to get your steering wheel wrapped with a wet hand towel or a handkerchief. Thescorching heat of the sun will be absorbed and the steering wheel will remain cool.

These five are the useful tips to keep the interior of your car cool during summer.rce

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