The Optional Extras & Car Accessories That Are Worth Getting

The Optional Extras & Car Accessories That Are Worth Getting

Built-in digital displays are always worth the money (source)

When it comes to buying a car, you’re always presented with a menu of tasty extras. Sports suspension, an optional rear spoiler, bigger sound systems etc. They’re all very tempting. And, if money was no object, we’d snap them all up! Unfortunately, they each come with their own expensive price tag. However, don’t dismiss them entirely. There are some optional extras that will actually add value to your car. In this day-and-age, where cars depreciate by up to 50% in three years, any added value is good news!

You can also apply this logic if you’ve bought a used car. Some auto shops can install accessories and extras long after you’ve purchased the vehicle. Just practice some caution when you take on these extras. Remember, some will add a lot of value, and others will actually make the car harder to sell. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best extras that will add real value.

Parking sensors and reverse cameras

We always follow one simple rule when it comes to optional extras. Will that accessory be in demand by customers in the future? That’s all you need to think about. So, let’s bear that in mind while looking at each of these accessories. First up, parking sensors and reverse cameras. A huge portion of new cars come with this technology as standard. That means in three years, every new car will come with parking sensors. If your used model has them built in, you’ll be able to charge more for them. Remember, you’re looking for universal customer value.

Metallic paint

Metallic paint is usually one of the cheaper options on the menu, and it’s well worth the investment. In general, we advise against personal colours or bespoke paint jobs when it comes to resale. But, you won’t find anyone who’s put off by metallic paint. It’s clean, professional, and lasts much longer than your regular paint job. The experts at Auto Art told us it’s the most popular choice when customers come into their bodywork shop. If you want your car to keep that brand-new look for years, invest in metallic paint.

Air conditioning

We’re almost at the point where air conditioning is included as standard in all cars. That means if your new model doesn’t feature it, you need to upgrade. Again, picture the future. Imagine a buyer is trying to choose between your car, and an identical model with air conditioning. They’re going to choose the air conditioning model. This feature will soon be universal, so it’s simply a case of future-proofing the car.

Leather seats

Leather seats are never going to go out of fashion. They always add an element of style and sophistication to your car. It’s a very noticeable upgrade, and prospective buyers will flock to the car in the future. Statistics prove that (neutral coloured) leather seats actively help beat depreciation. They’ll help you retain value in the car.

So, next time the dealer brings round the optional extras menu, choose carefully! What optional extras have you got on your car?

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