BMW Brings Collision-Free Driving to CES 2015

BMW Brings Collision-Free Driving to CES 2015

Collision free driving is what BMW is aiming for and that is what they have in store at the forthcoming CES 2015 where the German automaker is all set to reveal how better control technology can make driving safer and how innovative sensors can make our lives easier in the near future. The upcoming CES event will be held in January 2015 and BMW Group is already on the road to showcase how they plan to push forward their mobile innovations and come up with accident-free scenarios that work in the real time.



For this BMW is using BMW i3 that will make use of the 360 degree collision avoidance technology that has four advanced laser scanners that record the environment and secures the car’s position. The system relieves the burden off the driver especially in environment where driver has poor visibility. BMW also claims that if the driver wants the application can be overridden any time and driver can take full control. The new sensors also offer better parking options like the full automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant that uses the same laser scanners to get the digital site plan of the parking site. The driver can make use of the smartwatch to activate the system and to steer the vehicle independently through the levels.

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