Are These Car Additions Right for You?

Are These Car Additions Right for You?

When buying a vehicle, you can get loads of customization options. Here’s a look at the upsides and downsides of three of the most popular!


Window tinting and shading

Tinted and shaded windows tend to get a lot of flak, but there are a lot of good reasons for installing them. It’s not just the classy, mysterious aesthetic they add. It makes it a lot easier to see when the sun is beaming directly at you. In this way, they essentially work as sunglasses for you car. No more reaching up to put the sun visor down!

Some people also get them installed for security reasons. Thieves often work on impulse and opportunity. If they walk past a car and happen to see a laptop in there, they may break into your vehicle. With tinting, it’s much harder for someone to look inside.

An obvious downside is that you’ll attract police attention. Some police just get curious when they see tinted windows. Some will actually want to make sure the tint isn’t too dark. If it’s too dark, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Leather seating

Leather seats definitely feel more luxurious. They are also much easier to clean up than cloth. Spilled your Starbucks? A damp cloth will get it right off. No staining like with cloth, which will hang onto those coffee molecules for dear life. (But seriously though, stop drinking Starbucks in your luxury car. Keep it outside.)

Leather also tends to be better for heated seating. In fact, if you are getting heated seating, you’ll probably have to go with leather. Leather being so absorbent of heat definitely works against them in summer. Cooled leather seating is also becoming pretty popular, though!

Are These Car Additions Right for You


So, the bad stuff: leather tends to look worse over time. It needs more maintenance to look good, which is crucial if you want to keep the resale value high. Leather can wear and crack, exposing the ugly, often foamy insides. Keeping the interior in good condition may require more effort than with cloth. It’s also worthy to note that leather can vary wildly in quality. You can’t just order leather seating and be confident in its luxury. You need to feel it for yourself. More information about in-car comfort upgrades can be found at the DriveK Blog.

Another downside: think of the animals!

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth is extremely useful technology to have in your car. Ones that come with Bluetooth always have a technological edge. Though few, there are devices out there that can’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G. That makes Bluetooth useful if you want to connect to the Internet on those devices.

It’s also really useful for media players. You can use a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player to stream songs to your car stereo. The process is wireless, which avoids clutter. All those wires across your seats and dashboard are probably a safety risk anyway!

The downsides include quite high battery use. It will drain your car battery if you leave Bluetooth enabled for too long. The security of Bluetooth is also not as strong as with Wi-Fi.  Data and devices can be accessed with relative ease over Bluetooth connections. The prices of Bluetooth connections and technology are also surprisingly high.

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