A Practical Guide To Cheaper Jaguar Insurance

A Practical Guide To Cheaper Jaguar Insurance

Let’s face it; anybody that buys a Jaguar knows that they aren’t buying a vehicle that costs next to nothing to run! The good news is that today’s Jaguar cars are some of the most reliable vehicles you’ll ever see on the road. But the bad news is that, when things go wrong, they can be expensive to fix!

Still, if you buy a Jaguar one can make a safe assumption that you can afford to maintain such a vehicle. One thing that affects Jaguar owner’s wallets as much as those who own other marques is insurance.

To some, it’s the bane of their lives. And, to others, it can ruin the driving experience. If you’d like to keep your Jaguar insurance costs low (who wouldn’t!), this handy guide will share with you some tips on how to do just that. Here is what you need to know:


Don’t Modify Your Jaguar from Standard

Some car enthusiasts buy Jaguar cars for the sole purpose of extracting more performance out of their engines. Others aim to improve their vehicle’s aesthetics with aftermarket body kits and alloy wheels, for example.

Your Jaguar will likely be in a high insurance category. After all; it costs a lot to buy, and a lot to maintain. Modifications increase the price of insurance premiums for many reasons. The most notable is the increased risk of theft. In other words, if you add some extra bling to your car, some unscrupulous people might want to steal it!

Some Jaguar fans think a cardinal sin would get committed if you added aftermarket enhancements to your car! To be honest, I don’t understand why you would want to modify your “cat.”

After seeing the latest models at Jaguar Norwich, I would want to keep my new pride and joy standard to maintain that air of elegance and style.

Move to a Nicer Area

Car insurance premiums factor in where you live. If your home is in the middle of a ghetto, you can expect your Jaguar car insurance to go through the roof! But if you live in an affluent, low crime neighbourhood, you will enjoy cheaper premiums.

As extreme as it sounds, some people would have no issue moving home to get more affordable insurance for their cars! If car crime is an issue where you live, you will doubtless want to do whatever it takes to avoid being a victim of crime.

Join Your Local Owner’s Club

Jaguar is a marque seen in most countries. And in each of those countries, you are bound to find a dedicated owner’s club. So, how should joining such a club make any difference to what your insurance prices are?

The answer is simple! Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums if you can prove you’re a Jaguar club member. From an insurer’s point of view, you are less of a risk to them as you care about the safety and maintenance of your vehicle.

People often join owner’s clubs because they want to learn more about their cars. And they want to know how to fix stuff that’s broken.

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