5 Best Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

5 Best Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter comes with its own charm and pleasures. But this time of the year also brings some troubles for car owners. Like any other appliance, cars do require maintenance especially during the season when temperatures are lower than normal. If you really want to enjoy a comfortable ride then you need to consider few things primarily before the season starts.

Important Areas to Cover During Maintenance

Car maintenance illustrates the act of scrutinizing or testing the state of the engine and ensures all the parts are in proper working form. Even if you are new to your carport, the followings tips will help keep your vehicle reliable, safe, comfortable and long lasting.

  1. Battery Performance
    Your battery should be working at its best to make the car run smoothly. During winters, the unpleasant effect of temperature along with the prolonged use of lights and heater puts the additional strain on it. As battery acts as an energy source to your automobile and on it relies upon the overall functioning, any sort of perpetuation should be fixed first.
  2. Engine Coolant
    During extreme low temperature, the coolant loses its liquid state. By time, the anti-freeze in the coolant becomes diluted and as the weather becomes colder, it freezes. This may cause the car’s engine to get overheated and consequently break down. To avoid this mess, make sure the coolant’s composition has an equal proportion of water and anti-freeze.
  3. Get Ready for Long Voyage
    Particularly in cold conditions, the fuel tank should be completely filled even if you do not require that much fuel. This is to prevent accumulated water in fuel pump from freezing as the temperature reaches freezing point. Moreover, ensure the washer fluid tank is full. This will help you keep your windscreen clean during heavy rain or snowfall.
  4. Car Malfunction Kit
    Keeping a car kit can save your in an unfortunate situation. The kit should include cordless car vacuum cleaner, torchlight, shovel, screen wash liquid, scraper, ice grip shoes, a portable tire inflator (to check the pressure during the trip if the need be), and most importantly a fully charged mobile device for emergency situation if your cell dies. Additionally, be more careful driving in foggy and rainy conditions. Always follow the expert advice driving in fog and driving in rain.
  5. Tires and Lights
    For a comfortable and pleasant ride, you need to make sure you have the right type of tire for winter. The depth of the tire must be 3mm minimum for a better grip. Moreover, check tire pressure before leaving. As the temperature drops, the air contracts and the molecules come closer to each other, thus causing a pressure drop, which results in underinflated tire. Furthermore, in order to have a convenient drive, you need to cross check that your headlights, indicators, brake lights are observable and dirt-free.

Keeping your vehicle presentable and flawless, especially during low temperature can be daunting. However, if you follow the checklist for car maintenance throughout the year, you may not find any trouble in any weather conditions. Additionally, keep your car clean and get advice from cleaning service Maids by Trade.

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