4 Reasons to Buy an Audi A1 Today

4 Reasons to Buy an Audi A1 Today

Anyone looking to buy an economical, supermini sized car would be foolish to overlook the Audi A1. Ever since its launch in 2010 the car has proved popular across the board in all its forms. It has filled a gap in the market for drivers seeking out fuel efficient, smaller cars for city living that aren’t cheap and poorer quality. The different options mean whether it’s a five or three door you’re after, along with other perks, the Audi A1 will cater for you.

  1. Affordable

Entry level prices for the Audi A1 are extremely attractive at Orangewheels, and though they soon increase with more powerful models they retain a sensible value. Running costs are low for all versions as plenty of emphasis has been placed upon fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Compared with its main rival, the MINI Cooper it competes well on this front. As a desirable car the Audi A1 is expected to retain around 55% of its new value after three years too.

  1. Well Equipped

Each version of the Audi A1 can be personalised regarding equipment in the car, but the pricier models have more and better perks. The sport versions include Bluetooth and sports seats, making it worth that little extra for example. Otherwise the dashboard is clear with a central control unit and screen that makes using the car’s functions simple. The A1 includes every necessary gadget without bombarding the driver with pointless add-ons, though if you do require them they can be installed at an extra cost.

  1. Stylish

Common Audi style traits have been incorporated into the A1, such as the corporate grille and swept back headlights. From 2014 a further range of colour options were introduced, as well as contrasting paint along the door tops and down the pillars adding some uniqueness. More of a modern look than the MINI, the A1 holds a professional appearance. Its interior is most impressive though, using plenty of quality materials to make your driving experience comfortable. Little details help make it appear classy without the added expense.

  1. Great Performance

There are four engine types from a1.0 litre petrol to a 2.0 litre diesel. Three trim levels are also available, with firmer suspension for each although the entry level version is solid enough with plenty of grip. For one of the smallest Audis around it maintains all the positives you would expect from such a revered car manufacturer.

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