4 Reasons to Buy a Ford Galaxy

4 Reasons to Buy a Ford Galaxy

Not many people seem to see what I see in the Ford Galaxy. It’s a car that has so much to offer to families, so here are 4 reasons why you should buy one.

  1. You Have All the Space You’ll Need

    The first thing we should talk about is the space in the car. It’s one of the biggest strengths the car has. It’s huge in terms of seating and storage room. The headroom is fantastic if you’re tall and the legroom is unbeatable too. There are 7 seats in the car, making it perfect for large families.

    The storage space is more than you’ll find in most large cars too. Even when all 7 seats are being used, the space you get in the boot is more than enough than most families will be able to fill. But if you do have special requirements that demand extra space you can fold down the back 2 seats to make the space larger.

  2. Used Options Are Quite Cheap

    The Ford Galaxy has always been seen as quite a pricey car. But, if you ask me, that reputation is completely undeserved. A lot of people compare it unfavourably to the S-Max, but, for me, the Galaxy is the better car anyway! But luckily, the Galaxy is much cheaper now than it was when it was first released.

    This is mainly because the car suffers a lot from depreciation, so people who bought when knew will never see a very good return on their money. But their loss is the gain of people like you who are looking to buy a second-hand model. Visit imperialcarsupermarkets.co.uk to see how cheaply you can find a used Galaxy this year.

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  3. It Has Comfortable Interiors

    You wouldn’t expect to get this much comfort and detail on the interiors of a car like this. It feels much more like a luxury car on the inside if you ask me. The seat is large and comfortable, which is just what you need when you’re driving your family around. A bit of comfort can make the children talking and fighting in the back a bit more bearable.

    The driving position of the Galaxy is set quite high, so when you’re driving it feels like you can see the road and everything in your cabin clearly. Of course, it can all be adjusted too. You can move the seat higher or lower, and you can do the same with the steering wheel.

  4. It’s Surprisingly Fun to Drive

    This might not be an issue for a lot of people. It’s not surprising that most family car driver don’t care about how fun a car is to drive. It’s simply not the reason why you buy a family car, but it can be the thing that persuades you to choose the Galaxy over one of its rivals.

Once you’re behind the wheel and on the road, the car seems to move with surprising elegance and smoothness. You barely hear a noise, and you feel in complete control of every movement.

If you ask me, the Ford Galaxy is a very underrated family car, so give it a chance next time you buy.

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