2014 Honda Crider – Review

2014 Honda Crider – Review

Honda has been trying to penetrate into the Chinese market that can offer better future. In the last few years, Honda has collaborated with Guangqi Honda that provides better distribution and sales option to the Japanese carmaker. Last year at the Beijing Auto Show, Honda decided to bring out the new Concept C that has been designed for the new generation of car buyers in China. Honda believes that the all new 2014 Honda Crider will be among the top middle class sedans that will allow them to offer better options to the Chinese buyers.


While Honda has not revealed more about the vehicle since the car is still under production but the pictures reveal that Honda Crider will be a sedan that falls somewhere between Accord and Civic.

The design factor of the vehicle is inspired from the picture of a dragon and it gets upgraded front fascia design which is similar to Honda City. There are sharp lines and taut surfaces all over the sedan to make it look aggressive and sporty for the new breed of car buyers in China.

The all new 2014 Crider is 4650mm long, 1750mm wide and 1505mm tall. It also has a longer wheelbase that spans 2650mm. It will also have prominent grille, LED headlights and upward sweeping character lines.


Honda has always remained keen about the performance and the new Crider gets 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that generates 139 horsepower and 126 lb feet of torque. The engine will be mated with five speed manual transmission or five speed automatic transmission which is optional.

There are some speculations that Honda might add 2.0 liter engine for the higher trim levels of 2014 Crider but there has been no confirmation on it from Honda.


Honda has not commented on this but they will introduce some safety features like ABS, traction control, stability control, front and side airbags to the vehicle. The car might also have other safety features like lane departure warning and blind spot assistance as in other top Honda sedans.


Honda has said that they will offer the best interior to the all new 2014 Crider. The interior will be comfortable and spacious and will have metallic trim to make it look luxurious.

It will also have cabin which is driver centric and therefore most of the controls are close to the driver to make it convenient. The new sedan will also have seven inch display that controls most of the infotainment options and car controls.

Honda will also offer better comfortable seats that are very much in demand in the Chinese market. Honda has not provided more information on other features that they will incorporate in the vehicle for passenger and driver comfort.


2014 Honda Crider will be available in the Chinese market for 114,800 RMB or $18,675.


Honda claims that the all new 2014 Crider will be a middle class sedan that will offer some luxurious features and will target the new generation of car buyers that need stylish and high performance cars. The car will offer better fuel economy as well and will be competitive with other models like Citroen C4L and Volkswagen Sagitar.

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